Feinspitz der Hundeladen Berlin

While walking around Berlin I spotted the nicest dog shop I have ever been to. When you have a dog, love dogs… and you are in Berlin, visit Feinspitz der Hundeladen. You won’t find pink plastic stuff but leather and quality products. Nice.


Sophienstrasse 34, Berlin Mitte

My Piccolo (Italian greyhound)

Just the other day, I did a little shoot with my little Piccolo. Wow, how much she grew… Remember, how small she was?

Yes, she is a designer dog :)

Piccolo + some doggy finds

I told you the other day that I’m a mama for the first time. A modern family is a man, a woman and a dog. So now we are Desmond, Antonia and Piccolo. There are many pros and cons of having a dog but the biggest pro is that there is a little being that just wants to love you. That’s also the case with our little Italian Greyhound (name in Italian: Piccolo Levriero Italiano). Next to being a super cute little girl, Piccolo is such a happy-maker.

Desmond and Piccolo on the West Coast… she is tiny ;)

Of course I did some doggy research and found some cool and hilarious things. First of all, I found the best dog blog.

This vintage upcycled suitcase-dog-bed made me smile. If I find an old suitcase, it could be a cool DIY project. Also, the pet feeder… awesome (both by Atomic Attic).

Some people even get dog tattoos :)

found here

I love the dog crate idea by Tom Davie so much that it’s my weekend-project.

Also, I found a cool dog-poster.

Plus, I read about a super cool dog-prisoner story.

“The Safe Harbor Prison Dog Program is a wonderful organization that gives both man and man’s best friend a second chance at life. Started back in 2004, the organizers behind Safe Harbor had this lofty goal in mind: “to save as many dogs as we can, provide them with safe harbor, and give them a second chance at life.” Safe Harbor rescues dogs that have been mistreated, abandoned, and sent to high-kill animal shelters across the Midwest. Once rescued, they are sent to the Lansing Correctional Facility, where 100 inmates, trained as animal handlers, foster the dogs.”

P.S. There’s even a hipster puppies tumblr :)

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