Reflecting our photography season 2012/2013

Dear friends, followers, clients and supporters of our work.
It’s August, it’s winter in Cape Town – a good time to reflect over a good cup of coffee over the past year, the past photography season: European summer 2012 / South African summer 2012/2013 and European summer 2013. OH my gosh did we have blast shooting. Let’s be honest: we are witnesses of happiness. It’s uber-amazing, yes it is. We are totally for marriage, love stories and more. We love what we do. It’s a privilege! It’s amazing becoming friends with so many of our clients. We love being in Cape Town in summer and in Europe in summer. Life is good. Very good. Thanks for your constant love and support!
Love, dna – Desmond ‘n Antonia

Thanks to….
Katja & Motoki & Jona, Ekaterina & Sascha, Bridget and Andreas, Verena, Julia and Tommi, Daniela and Alex, Simone & Bastian & Greta, Bianca & Christoph, Elli & Pat, Mari-Louise & Michael, Julia & Sascha, Sheenaz & Rikki, Bubbles & Marc, Romy & Calvin, Loren & Garth, Isabel & Graeme, Carin & James, Isis and Chris, Liuba and Chris, Thomas & Dag, Candice & Pierre, Liana & Chris, Geneviève & Alastair, Conny and Felix, Kristina and Sven, Mareen & Jan, Janine & Ilan, Renier & Suzanne, Helga & Stefan, Niki and Thomas, Nadine & Alex, Chris & Klaus, Janine & Douglas, Kirsten & Horst, Katja & Mike & Levi, Conny, Aleit, Wedding Concepts, Doreen Winking Weddings and everyone else. We love you!

We posted a few random shots from the past season on

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