Eat, drink + work at the Field Office

Eat, drink + work at the Field Office

Creative Cape Town, this is for you!

My husband is working for himself. Oh how he digs it. He works when he’s creative, has flexible times, goes skating inbetween, then back to the desk. Life is a jol. But sometimes he gets lonely, wants people around him or just a different wallpaper. Look what I found and where he’s to find now at least once a week: at the Field Office. A cool space, cool people, cool art and amazing coffee! Plus, the Field Office is close to our house and only a skate-minute away. Situated on the corner of Barrack Street and Harrington Street, there’s nothing like this close by. “We wanted to inject some life in this part of town” says Luke, one of the owners.

It is light, it is young, everyone her works on a Mac, you see simple designs, fresh flowers, always (!!) good music, you get your coffee served in vintage cups, free wifi. It is a space where I would like to work. It feels creative. “It is well received by the people around us, we have a lot of returning customers”, says manager Will. Now he is a character. With his afro and humour, he’s not only “the funniest person I know” after Luke, but a guy that seems to be at the right place.

Also, on one of the big white walls you find designs and art by local creatives. “We’ve teamed up with Creative Cape Town to raise awareness for the 2014 World Design Capital bid which aims to promote design as a tool for social, cultural & economic change.”

Will is fully implemented, the Field Office sells ‘Will’s famous sandwiches’ for max. R25, besides this also croissants, pastries, cakes, Danishes, muesli, toast etc. And again, they serve coffee from Deluxe Coffeeworks. Yeah, the good stuff is spreading out like nuts. I like it! A real good cup of coffee only costs 10 bucks. I’m a bit worried that they don’t make enough money with a bunch of coffee-trinking people that stay for a few hours. But then I get to know the full concept. “Almost everything here is for sale.” tells me Will. Design magazines out of Africa, Chapel Bags (made by Luke’s brother), bicycles… “It’s a little bit of an pop-up-shop” says Will. But you know what it really is: it is a show room for Pedersen + Lennard (Luke Pedersen and James Lennard) design collaboration. I sit on a Ingvar Dining Chair (R1200) and the Ingvar Cafe Table (R1600), with my eye being stuck on the beautiful bucket stool (R950). The steel bucket lights over me cost R1200.

“We are a design company focused on quality products, innovative design and a simple aesthetic. Our fabrication process is a combination of hand-made and machine-made elements which all come together in our Salt River workshop. While working on a variety of projects for home, office and hotel we develop our own range reflecting our fascination with South African craft and the clean aesthetic of our Scandinavian forefathers.”

Here at the Field Office, people can engage with the furniture, sit on it, check it out. “We want people to hang out here a little longer.” Furniture is the core business. “We needed a showroom but also wanted people to get in touch with it and feel it. It’s a new experience for us to run a coffeeshop. It’s fun. Connect.”

by Antonia Heil

Field Office Corner Harrington + Barrack Street |  Gardens | Cape Town | 021-4614599

Opening hours: 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday

More on the furniture here.

pix taken by Des